Dr. Conrad Murray Current Friends and Patients

Contact: Miranda Sevcik 713 515-9729

Reverend Floyd Williams- (Houston) counseled Dr. Murray about his decision to tour with Jackson- also a patient.
713 446-3369
713 880-8926

Gilbert Allard- (Orlando) Grew up with Dr. Murray, and worked with him.

Eliza Robertson- (Houston) Murray did a bypass on her in 2007 and saved her life.  She is a current patient.
713 695-7573

Ben Mask- (Houston) Murray has been his doctor for a long time and is a friend.
713 681-4709
713 249-0386

Ruby Mosley- (Houston) Longtime patient of Dr. Murray’s.
281 447-6095
281 919-9262

Reverend Curtis Lewis- (Houston) Murray has been his Doctor and friend for years.
281 732-6407